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Convergent Model of Renewal

A Convergent Model of Renewal
This list comes from Wess' book on renewal within traditions" .
The process of renewal is initiated when seek to overcome the confrontations, incoherences and break down of schemata that arise within their tradition. In order to bring about convergent renewal they must put in dialogue the original texts and interpretations of their tradition and current cultural artifacts and practices, putting them together (through same-saying and concept borrowing) in a way that:
(a) remixes the original texts of the tradition with new texts while maintaining their continuity—their uniqueness and complementarity;
(b) as it resists a passive culture of consumerism in order to foster an authentic subjective experience; (the owning of the living force of the tradition, re-seeding/engrafting with agency that goes beyond what money can buy).
(c) and drawing on many voices forming an open work of shared power and knowledge;
(d) and by doing so they will have created practices of an alternative participatory community that gives witness in the world.
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