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The Nurse Log

Apprentices as Leaders

These are the kind of leadership qualities that set apart from tradition leaders in communities:
1. Are able to focus on strength rather than pathology because they are able to see the nuances within a community that speak to strengths, gifts. They know that to focus on strength and current skills is part of the practice of any apprentice.
2. They are able to help raise the pain threshold because they have a longer view having been steeped in the tradition. They have more tools to draw from and share with the community. The understand and can read the ways in which the tradition and their context are shifting but are able to put it into perspective with the tradition as a whole.
3. Take responsibility for their own selves, their own emotional regulation, and work to take ownership over their actions rather than blaming others.
4. They learn to regulate their own reactivity while also making clear, well-defined stands
5. They know how to make adventure more important than safety
6. Seek progress rather than peace when peace is used to thwart movement, but is able to foster an environment where both are possible.
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