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Quaker Business Practice for Guilford
Quaker Business Practice at Guilford College

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The Mechanics of Clerking

Some Basic Mechanics of Being a Clerk
Art Larabee (with additions from Wess Daniels)
“Sometimes we resist getting know each other, which is the soil in which this practice thrives. Just the right amount of time to do this work, not too much, is what is necessary.”
Things to keep in mind when clerking:
Start with a moment of silence
Establish relationships with the folks in your committee, meeting, or community
Lead by setting the pace of the meeting
Take responsibility for the creation of the agenda and staying on the agenda when the meeting takes place
Lay out expectations
Give instructions so that everyone knows what they are doing and can fully participate (never assume that everyone already is in the known on the mechanics of the practice)
Include everyone with eye contact and invitation
Call everyone by names to create warmth and familiarity
Be open to input from everyone
Maintain a sense of worship/meditative or thoughtful atmosphere
Wait for people to be recognized and be sure to give space in between speakers
What do you need to do to help create the space where everyone can participate?
Use humor appropriately
Use seriousness appropriately
Take your time
Trust the process
It is okay to ask for a pause and some silence if needed
Stop and check to see where there is unity
Name where there is unity.
When needed, work with the Recording Clerk to minute where there is unity.

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