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Quaker Business Practice for Guilford
Quaker Business Practice at Guilford College

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Mechanics on Group Decision-Making

Excerpts from Art Larabee’s visit to Guilford a few years ago
Trust that the wisdom of the group is greater than the individual
Be open-minded
Commitment to expressing views, then releasing them to the group
Climate of safety
Commitment to make an effort to find the sense of the meeting
Willingness to consider standing aside
Reach conclusion on a topic before moving on to the next topic
Record decisions in minutes
Anyone in the group has permission to sense the group
We are willing to take risks and show courage
Welcome opportunities for silence; settling
Affirm what you can of what others have said
Demonstrate respect for everyone in the meeting, even though you don’t agree with them, perhaps quite vehemently
Take personally helping to discern the collective wisdom of the group
Think of Guilford College as another person in the room
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