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Public Version of REL 161 Religion in the New Media

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What is a resolution
A firm decision to do or not to do something
When do we make resolutions?
New Years
When we want something about our lives to change
What are some examples of resolutions?
Wanna lose some weight
Read my Bible more
Pray more
Eat healthier and exercise more
Reach out to more people like family members and friends
Give more to certain people
What does this have to do with

Resolutions & New Media

Around New Year’s Eve, making resolutions becomes a fad - the popular thing to do. It takes but a simple search of Twitter with #2022Resolution for an impressive array of resolutions people made on December 31...most of these resolution tweets died out after January, but some users have continued to document their progress on their resolutions:
Many of these resolutions come attached to their creators religious views and obligations - perhaps a Christian resolving to pray the Liturgy of the Hours consistently, or a Jew resolving to eat Kosher all the time. Resolutions may take on a similar form for many Christians as the Lenten fast, a religious obligation some Christians (primarily those from more ecclesiastical and liturgical traditions) observe during the forty days (excluding Sundays) between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday, a period of collective mourning and repentance prior to the Easter Feast. Some common “Lenten Resolutions” include giving up chocolate, sugar, alcohol, or meat, or taking on a practice such as the Daily Examen. Some less simple resolutions might be abstaining from driving (for the environment) or serving with a particular service organization. The Lenten Fast and New Years Resolution are motivated by different forces, but both become social media trends annually and are usually intended to create permanent behavioral change, whether for the betterment of the self or improving one’s relationship with the divine. Unfortunately, both practices often see the same common fate - unchanged behavior in the end.
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