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Public Version of REL 161 Religion in the New Media

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Religion of Empire, Religion of Creation

Two Concepts from Wes Howard-Brook’s “.”
Religio - the root of “religion” means the attitudes, beliefs, and/or practices that bind individuals together as a ‘people.’ Ex. Sports, Broadway, Birthday Parties. Academia, Zodiac Signs.
The Religion of Creation:
“We can understand one of the bible's religions to be grounded in the experience of and ongoing relationship with the creator God, leading to a covenantal bond between that God and God's people for the blessing and abundance of all people and all creation.”
The Religion of Empire:
“The other, while sometimes claiming to be grounded in that same God, used to justify and legitimate attitudes and behaviors that provide blessing and abundance for some at the expense of others.”
Here is a rubric for what this looks like in the Bible:
Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 3.16.23 PM.png
Here is a rubric for considering how this impacts religion and new media.

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