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Public Version of REL 161 Religion in the New Media

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Final Project: Due (Present) Last Day of Class

Completion: /40
See this as a sample:
AT LEAST 5 annotated citations must be included in your submission.
Accuracy/On-topic: /10
Creativity: /10
Topic of presentation
Main goal: Linking new media and religion in your interest or topic of choice
A “big” question from the collective list -
A general topic of interest/curiosity regarding religion in or out of media
Creative freedom is key!
Visual representation in some way, shape, or form
Video, presentation, poster, artwork, podcast, website, etc.
If presenting a written piece, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, and MUST have Works Cited. You can use M LA, APA, or Chicago.
Should you choose to create a written piece that does not contain enough information to fill the time limit, a visual representation would be advisable so as to keep the class engaged
Use your best judgment regarding the topic you have selected
Choice of a team or individual presentation (max of four people per group)
Roughly 8-12 minutes

Extra credit
Make a Twitter post on the class page on a topic of religion you haven’t posted about yet (content TBD)
Comment on 10 other people’s posts (does not have to be on others’ posts regarding extra credit)
Five of which are questions related to the subject matter
For every question on your post, interact with the comments

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