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Public Version of REL 161 Religion in the New Media

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In-Class Participation
Contribute something at least once in the remaining class sessions — make your voice heard.

At the end of each class, spend 5-10 minutes adding your own ideas or responses to a Wiki page. This can be done individually or in groups (2-3 people).

Create 2- 3 posts per day (minimum) for at least 6 days (12-18 total tweets):
1 required post
Thread of reading notes for every reading
Remaining 1-2+ posts
Offer a takeaway from that day’s class.
Share a new resource/idea relating to or expanding on that day’s topic.
Expand, comment or retweet a classmate’s tweet
Complete versus incomplete→ Grading (in a spreadsheet)

Extra Credit
For Student Presentations and Final Project presentations, add any questions/comments under a presenter’s Twitter thread.
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