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FAQ- Decentraland

What equipment or software do I need to play in Decentraland?

Ready to join the virtual reality universe of Decentraland? You'll need a PC or Mac running Chrome, Firefox or Brave - check out our hardware requirements for all the details!

Can I play on a mobile device?

Want to enjoy playing Decentraland on your mobile? We're working hard so you can soon take action with you wherever you go - watch this space!

Can I log in from multiple computers?

Decentraland gives you the freedom to experience it from any computer! All you need is your digital wallet installed on each device, and then the world is at your fingertips. Enjoy Decentraland from anywhere, anytime - no restrictions apply!

Can I use a different browser?

Playing Decentraland is fun using Chrome, Firefox, or Brave browsers; Brave is my favorite. With these supercharged web tools, you get to experience its full potential!

Do I need a wallet to play in Decentraland?

Then get a digital wallet! Digital wallets are like your virtual account, protecting your in-world assets—including names, collectibles, and LANDs. But if you don't want to use one, you can still explore Explorer with locally stored data. Of course, some great experiences won't be available without that wallet protection. There'll be no daily rewards or event participation waiting for you on the other side…so make sure to buckle up with a trusty digital companion! I lost my digital wallet!
Losing wallet access can be a devastating experience, compromising your Avatar identity and digital items. To avoid losing valuable assets, remember to store recovery passphrases securely at all times!

What is MANA?

Decentraland's MANA cryptocurrency token is the key to unlocking virtual parcels of LAND. To stay up-to-date on all things related to these fungible ERC20 tokens, check out our transparency dashboard for a snapshot of key stats like total and circulating supply. Remember: you can find definitions for confusing terms with just one click in our onboarding Glossary!

Will I be able to buy things other than LAND with MANA?

Unlock the full potential of Decentraland and get access to exciting goods and services with MANA. Burning your tokens in exchange for LAND is just one way you can engage - now, trade them among other users on the platform to experience even more!

Some players have fancy wearables. How can I get them?

Avatar editor provides an ever-growing collection of free wearables and accessories and exclusive Marketplace options or rewards for participating in Decentraland events. Ready to don a complete virtual look? Let's get shopping!

What do the collectibles' colors mean?

Collecting has never been more fun with our range of rare collectibles. Choose from five distinct rarity categories, each represented by a unique name and color to signify their limited supply!
Their maximum issuance is:
Common: 100000
Uncommon: 10000
Rare: 5000
Epic: 1000
Legendary: 100
Mythic: 10
Unique: 1

Can I claim my Avatar name later?

Get ready to claim the ultimate online identity with Decentraland! All you need is an installed digital wallet and 100 MANA – or, if that's not available right away, head over to our Marketplace. And voila - your very own portal awaits!

How can I block or report a player?

Make sure you have complete control of your Decentraland experience. Check out another player's Avatar card, then head to the tab block for further options - like blocking players so they can't write to you on the chat window. Are you taking it one step further? Report any unethical or inappropriate behavior directly to us and help ensure a safe community!

What is LAND?

Explore the new frontier of Ethereum-powered digital assets with LAND! A unique asset, each parcel is marked using its own x and y coordinates and includes info on ownership and a file to showcase what content the owner wishes you to access upon arrival. Explore this exciting new world today!

How large is a tile of LAND?

Make your dream home a virtual reality – no matter how tall! With 16m x 16m or 52ft x 52ft land parcels, our limitation-based height restrictions ensure you can craft your perfect abode.

What is an Estate?

Like LAND, an estate is a non-fungible digital asset. An estate is an association of two or more adjacent LAND parcels. These parcels must be directly adjacent and cannot be separated by a road, plaza or any other parcel. By connecting parcels to form Estates, you can more easily manage your larger LAND holdings. Estates are especially useful when building larger scenes that span more than one parcel.

How can I buy LAND or Estates in Decentraland?

Discover the unparalleled opportunities of Decentraland's virtual world- explore alluring LANDs or Estates and join in on exciting auctions! Our inaugural Terraform Event was held December 15, 2017. By January 2018, tokens had been awarded to participants who successfully bid at the auction - make sure to take advantage of future events like this!

What does 'owning' virtual LAND mean, and how does it work?

Owning LAND within Decentraland is much like obtaining any other unique crypto asset, such as CryptoKitties or CryptoPunks. Unlike those digital assets solely owned and available for trading, you can also use your bought LAND to construct three-dimensional spaces and apps that make it an even more valuable purchase. And best of all?
It's represented by non-fungible tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain that track ownership - so each token purchased is entirely one of a kind!

Why is LAND scarce?

Decentraland offers amazing opportunities for users to get involved in the crypto-verse on an individual level. To maintain the value of these exclusive LAND parcels, Decentraland is limited by an exact quantity of MANA - creating scarcity and ensuring that no parcel goes unvalued or abandoned!

Does Decentraland run on top of its own blockchain?

Decentraland uses the Ethereum blockchain to store and verify information about LAND ownership and LAND content. It does not run on its own independent blockchain. Content within Decentraland is hosted and served to users via a network of community-owned content servers.

Who validates transactions?

Ethereum LAND puts the power of ownership in your hands, taking care to register and validate any changes made with blockchain technology securely. This ensures a reliable history for each parcel of land, so you know exactly how it has changed over time.

How is content distributed?

Decentraland allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual world with stunning visuals, enthralling audio, and a three-dimensional experience like no other. Joining the network is easy for anyone; all you need do is submit your server - but first, it must receive approval from our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) members. When visiting Decentraland, each location's content will be pulled from its dedicated content servers – linked effortlessly through an Ethereum blockchain LAND token that holds your x,y coordinates within this remarkable universe.

What tools should I use to start building in Decentraland?

Decentraland offers two options for creating amazing 3D content: the Builder, a drag-and-drop visual tool with an extensive library of pre-made items and interactive elements that respond to user input; or the SDK which gives you greater freedom and control. To get even more creative potential, users can access powerful tools such as SketchUp, Blender and Maya – using exported models in .gltf or glb format - directly into Decentraland scenes created via this dynamic duo!

Will I be able to control who can see content on my parcels?

You have the ability to limit how certain content on your land parcel is presented and interacted with within Decentraland, such as 3D models or videos. You can choose whether you require payment or any other type of exchange before someone views this content. However, all uploaded contents are discoverable by everyone through our distributed file system - meaning that although it's possible to determine who sees what in-game, nothing will be completely hidden from view! As an added bonus for tighter control over activities on your plot of land: you'll also be able to decide which individuals get access permissions into (or out!) of your area.

Can I monetize my content?

As a Decentraland user, you have the freedom to shape your own story. Whether setting up an entrance fee for others to access and explore your content or engaging in activities within the virtual world, monetize however you see fit! However, remember – success isn't guaranteed. You are responsible for steering your future path of creativity; put effort into growing and developing with us, and we'll be there every step along this journey that is sure to excite you!

I need support! Where can I contact decentraland help?

Get your Decentraland questions answered quickly! Join the and head to the #help channel. Plus, you can chat with other enthusiasts in a variety of channels - who knows what kind of unique perspectives or ideas they may have? Don't delay; hop on today for an out-of-this-world experience!

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