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Explore the Metaverse with Decentraland Worlds Beta

The Decentraland Foundation is excited to introduce ‘Worlds’, personal four-parcel large spaces that are separate from the Genesis City. Currently in beta, Worlds are available to anyone who owns a Decentraland NAME. It's a great opportunity for web3 users to explore the metaverse and create their own 3D space. Let's take a closer look at what this new feature has to offer.

What Are Decentraland Worlds?

Decentraland Worlds are virtual spaces that are connected to Decentraland NAMEs—an NFT within the DCL ecosystem that can be assigned to an avatar or LAND for 100 MANA, or purchased from a previous owner in the Marketplace. These four-parcel large spaces are separate from the Genesis City and its system of LANDs, but they still have access to all of Decentraland’s features like the Marketplace, Builder toolkit, Avatar Editor, and other user-generated content. Worlds give web3 users an opportunity to explore the metaverse and create their own 3D space without having to purchase any additional land.

The Benefits of Using Decentraland Worlds Worlds offer unique benefits not found in other parts of the metaverse:

• An increased sense of ownership over your virtual space – With Worlds you can truly make it your own. You can customize your avatar and design your world however you like – with no limits! It’s also possible to create multiple Worlds for different types of experiences or projects.    • A place where you can host events – If you want to host an event or party in VR without having to purchase land in Genesis City, then Worlds is perfect! You can invite friends and family (or strangers!) into your own personal corner of the metaverse – no matter where they live in real life! Plus, since it’s tied directly to your NAME NFT, you don’t need any additional tokens or assets; just use what you already have!
      • An easier way to collaborate on projects – Whether it’s a game development project or something else entirely, working together on virtual projects has never been easier with Worlds! Create different roles for each member of your team and assign them access privileges accordingly; it makes collaboration so much more efficient!    With Decentraland Worlds Beta now available at no additional cost for anyone with a Decentraland NAME, there's never been a better time for web3 users to explore their options when it comes to creating their own 3D spaces in the metaverse. Whether you're looking for somewhere new and exciting to host events or collaborate on projects with friends from around the world—the possibilities are endless thanks to this amazing new feature! Get creative and start exploring today!

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