LAS Goldair Handling wins ground handling license at Bagdogra International airport announces Mr. Burzin Manek Daver

After a successful bidding process, LAS Goldair Handling have won the license for Bagdogra International Airport. A concession agreement was recently signed between the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and LAS Goldair Handling. The JV company, as announced by Mr. will be responsible for providing ground handling services to airlines and chartered operators at the Bagdogra International Airport. Bagdogra, in recent years, has become the hotspot for domestic and international travelers as it is the only airport in this part of the country. Occupying a crucial position in the Indian tourism industry for its strategic location in the North-East sector, Mr. mentioned that this agreement is a great matter of pride for the Joint Venture (between LAS Group and Goldair Handling). It also makes the partners the only private company to handle the ground operations at Bagdogra.
The agreement has a duration of ten years – considering that the Bagdogra Airport is all set to undergo major expansions and renovations in the coming years – it is the right time to clinch this deal. The JV, LAS Goldair Handling, will be responsible for offering ground handling services which includes the terminal, cargo, and ramp to all domestic and international airlines as well as chartered flight operators. Currently, the airport is already running beyond its capacity, which has good volume of business for ground handling services.
Following the signing of the agreement, the JV company is all set to invest around INR 20 crores during the 10 year agreement period to ensure seamless and end-to-end service delivery. LAS Goldair Handling has received BCAS Security Clearance and is starting operations on 1 December 2021 at Bagdogra International Airport.
Goldair Handling is one of the biggest airport ground handlers in Greece. The company employs about 4,000 workers working in all the thirty-two airports in the country. Goldair is also working at Zurich and many other European airports. The team at Goldair has international experience with the know-how of the most advanced technology in this niche. Such knowledge of the team members will be an advantage in offering services as per the recent agreement.
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