Seva Opportunities

Opportunities to get involved and help Bunga Azaadi. Currently these are mainly unpaid volunteering. In time, I hope to attach “payments” for tasks to help incentivise commitment and reward contributors for their time and effort.
In the meantime I can give you a reference for your CV / Resume if that interests you. Some jobs/projects may also result in an offer to join the Bunga itself and you can skip aspects of the application process. If you are already a Bunga member, taking on any of these will also contribute to your level progression as well.

Ongoing Jobs

Seva that requires ongoing support.

Job Board
Repo Admin
Post Designer
AI Artist


One-off Seva for fixed term projects.

Project Board
Manifesto Migration
Battle of the Isms Migration
AzaadAI: Azadism GPT-like Bot

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Bunga Azaadi — Institute for Azadist Studies

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