Connect HP Printer to WiFi – Easy Guide for All Devices

With the introduction of new technology, your HP printer can print anything, anytime and anywhere. Not only desktop or laptop, but your has also become more simple and convenient even on mobile phones.
Setting up an HP printer for WiFi is a crucial next step after buying one. It may seem simple, but you have to proceed very carefully because a single mistake could wipe out all of your printer's settings. Furthermore, in order to take use of high-quality papers, photos, and other features, you must link them correctly.
So, let’s begin from here and start a pleasant journey of easy and incredible quality printing. But before directly revealing the setup process, let’s learn its setup requirements.

Connect HP Printer to Wifi Setup Requirements – Checking Compatibility

For using the HP Wireless Connect feature, the first thing is checking your computer’s compatibility with your network and PC. So, your network configuration has to meet the requirements mentioned below:
Your computer should have Windows Vista or higher (PCs), or (Leopard) or (Macintosh).
Check that your system is connected to a wireless router of 802.11 b/g/n over a connection of 2.4 GHz. HP does not support 5.0GHz networks currently.
The system’s OS should be in the wireless network’s control.
Your computer should be using a wireless connection to the OS and your network.
Ensure that your system is using a dynamic IP address, rather than a static one. So go for a dynamic IP address only.

Preparations of Your HP Printer Wifi Setup

HP Printer Wifi Setup
Before the introduction of Wi-Fi, users had to connect their printers by cable only. They had to connect it to the computer. But with the Wifi feature, you get two options to establish a connection.
While you choose a perfect placement, below outlined are some basic unboxing and preparation guidelines:
Firstly, unpack your HP printer.
Once done, obey the guidelines on your HP printer package. To remove it, go through all instructions carefully and do not just randomly pull out the tape.
Plug your HP connected printer’s power cord into the outlet.
Now turn it on.
Carefully, install your printer’s cartridges.
Enable the HP printer to complete its installation process, such as printing a page for alignment.
Now visit the website – for downloading the original software for the HP printer and OD for your system or smartphone.
Pick a technique for connection setup (described below).
We have explained the HP Wireless Connect setup, WPS method, and the rest are some backup options.

HP Auto Wireless Connect
This technology allows you to establish a connection between your printer and Wifi without getting connected to any USB cable. Not only this, but you also don’t have to type any network settings like username or password. Most latest HP printers include this feature during their software installation procedure.
To use this option, firstly, install the printer software and obey the prompt coming on the screen. Choose” Network (Wireless/Ethernet)” type of connection when prompted and select “Yes” on the option reading “send the wireless settings to HP printer. And, that’s it! After that, your HP software will perform the rest of the tasks.
Remember, that not all network configurations or your computers are compatible with HP printer wifi setup. In such cases, you can opt for an alternative method listed below.

WPS – Wi-Fi Protected Setup
If the HP Wireless Setup auto Connection isn’t available or isn’t successful during the printer software installation, then use the WPS method.
To connect devices via a wireless network, WPS offers two options. The first is known as “pushbutton,” while the second is known as “WPS PIN.” The simplest way is to use a pushbutton. We’ll go over how to connect your HP printer using the WPS push button technique.
Firstly, to start WPS on the printer, contact your printer’s manual. Also, there are few conditions you need to meet to use WPS push button setup. They are:
Your wireless router and the printer should be compatible with WPS push button mode. You can anytime check the manual of the printer as well as the wireless router.
Your wireless router should have a WPS push button available.
Also, the network you use should use WPA/WPA2 security. If your network lacks it then many wireless routers won’t help you in your HP printer wifi setup using the WPS way.
Many WPS wireless routers don’t work if you use a default network with no security.

The steps for connecting the HP printer to the router using WPS are:

Turn on the WPS push button mode after switching on your printer. Check the manual for detailed instructions.
In two minutes, tap the WPS button.

Wireless Setup Wizard Method for HP Printer WiFi Setup

You can run the Wireless Setup Wizard directly from your printer’s control panel (it is available with touch displays only).

Check your security password along with the network name (WPA, WEP, or WPA2).
Now, go to your printer’s “Control Panel”.
Tap on “Network” or just tap the wireless icon.
Now, go to “Settings”.
Choose “Wireless Setup Wizard”.
Thereafter, it will show a list of wireless networks. Note: You can access the settings by tapping the wrench type icon as per your product model.
Choose the name of your wireless network.
In case, you don’t see the name of your wireless network there, then type it manually. But keep all characters exact including upper as well as lower case characters.
Provide your WPA passphrase or WEP key. You must type the key or password exactly, with correct capital and lowercase letters. Then you should be able to do HP printer WiFi setup easily. If you are still not able to connect, you will get the option of printing a Wireless Network Test report to figure out the problem.

Connect your USB cable only when the software directs you to do so. The circumstances when you can use the USB Setup are:
The computer is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi (Ethernet cable/wirelessly).
The USB cable is connected to the USB ports on the computer.
The printer’s USB cable is not properly plugged in.

After meeting all the requirements, run your printer software on the system. Then the instructions on the screen will guide you throughout the process.

Some Last Words

Once you follow these methods, you can easily do HP Printer Wifi Setup & connect printer to WiFi without any problem. Not only one method, but we have provided multiple methods to help you with the setup process. We hope you find these methods helpful. Your thoughts, tips and other valuable feedback are wholeheartedly welcome in the suggestion box below.
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