Coda Habitat

A community for Coda partners
Where Coda Makers evolve into Coda Partners
We’re a community of developers, Makers, and enthusiasts helping each other make money as partners of Coda 🤑.
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Make friends & grow superpowers
Learn something new, win clients, launch your big idea, and make lifelong friends with us.
What you'll get
🐠 Community
Hang out & learn with the most enthusiastic Coda Makers!
🐣 Coaching
1-on-1 coaching on how to earn income with Coda.
🦄 Mastermind
Roundtables & support to get you unblocked.
🐘 Education
Learn undocumented features, formulas, packs and how to build a successful Coda agency.
🐝 Network
Join the world's top Coda talent and build lifelong relationships.
😸 Marketing
We’ll celebrate and share your docs, templates, packs & projects!
🐻 Make a new Coda friend!
We enjoy hanging out together & learning from each other.
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What Coda Makers are saying
Connor McCormick
Habitat is a curiosity trampoline.
Gretchen Teagarden
It’s such a supportive community.
Steven Hurtado
I’m excited about what we are building together!

Let’s get you started!
Apply for an interview to join our community.
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👋 Hey!
I’m Brian (), founder of - a premier Coda partner and guild of independent Coda agencies.
We’ve been building our community in stealth for the past year and are excited to open it up to graduates of the Coda Doctorate program!
By joining Coda Habitat you’ll:
Join an async first community 📱
with social events 🍻 hosted at convenient times around the globe
where we help each other learn Coda 💻
and build our businesses 💰 as Coda partners!
When you apply we’ll interview you to learn more about you, your goals with Coda, and what you’re looking for in a community. We’re excited to meet you & support your journey.
Enrolled in a high school, college, or online bootcamp.
$10 / month
Current freelancer or looking to become one.
$20 / month

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