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Use this guide to calculate overall total cost

Change the inputs below to see the overall cost comparison

Number of Users / Editors

Licenses: 👉
This is the unit Asana charges for. These are people who make changes to the project / doc once it's created. Coda also has editors and other users, but they are always free.

Number of Doc Makers / Admins

Licenses: 👉
This is the unit Coda charges for. This is the person who creates the doc / project / tracker - there is only one per doc, and one maker can create multiple docs.

License type

Plan Type: 👉
Team (Coda) / Business (Asana)
This is the tier of pricing. Coda’s is called ‘Pro’ or ‘Team’, Asana’s is called ‘Premium’ or ‘Business.’ Both products have Enterprise tiers, which have custom pricing.

Total Users:

Coda Price: $
per year, $
/user / month

Asana Price: $
per year, $
/ user / month

Coda is
% cheaper than Asana

How Coda and Asana Charge

Coda charges only for doc makers (all editors and viewers are free).

A doc maker creates a new doc. This doc "Comparing Coda and Asana" is a single doc - all the 'pages' at the left are part of the doc. An Editor can add pages, delete pages, add projects, tasks, complete them, etc, and always be free. Only creating the high-level doc requires a paid license.

Asana charges for any user of any type.

That means someone who checks a box saying their task is done pays the same amount as someone who sets up the entire project tracker.



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