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Design & Development Case Studies
RTG Events Case Study Outline (New Build)


Setting the Tone

How do you bridge the gap between memories and connection and modern vintage glam? by giving each element equal space to breath.

Color & Media
The clients color pallet leaned heavily into black white and gray, I carried this into my still photography choices by selecting black and white photography that showed modern depictions of celebration. Many of them in motion or blurred accompanied by dark borders and lines
I then paired this concept with stop motion photography of some of my clients prior events to bring warmth and color into the site. I brought in stock video as well for a third layer of media, to convey the emotions that lead us to crave and plan events.
Typography & Icons
To give spotlight to media and message, I chose modern typography pairings. These pairings would allow for large bold headings without overpowering media choices.
The lined icons were selected to accompany key messages / offerings and add on to the modern character of the design.

Copy Direction I collaborated with a UX copywriter for this project and guided her to utilize phrases that helped to create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). I wanted to urge users to not only see the value in RTGs services but to also acknowledge how they would benefit socially/connnection wise.

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