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Article Ideas - Team

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LJVMA summer interns (Jodi)
Seasonal workers (Jodi)
Dog friendly La Jolla (businesses open to dogs)
Japhet Perez (Jodi)
La Jolla Trails
La Jolla Playhouse (Jim & Jodi)
Coffee/ cafe scene (Jodi)
Warwick’s Book store (#1 independent in country) (Jodi)
Legacy businesses in La Jolla (longest standing) (Jodi)
Women’s Club 100 year anniversary (Jodi)
Service Clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis) (Jodi)
Spirits Festival (Oct) (Jodi)
Art and Wine Festival (Sept) (Jodi)
Sally Ride: First American woman and first LGBT+ person in space, UCSD physics professor, and advocate for math and science education​​
Jonas Salk: Developed the polio vaccine and founded the Salk Institute for Biological Studies​​
Raymond Chandler: Notable author who lived in La Jolla and influenced the “hardboiled” detective fiction genre​​
Danica McKellar: Born in La Jolla, an actress turned mathematician and author, encouraging girls in math education​​
Abbey Cleary, owner of Rosemont’s Cafe. She hosts a lot of events for local residents and is highly involved in philanthropy and the community
Bastille Day in July & French restaurants
Tequila Day Mojito Day in July
Birdrock 4th of July parade
La Jolla HS Football Coach - 2024 season preview (Sept)

Articles Ideas - Other Publications

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