Web development
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website end-user requirements
website analysis
identify end-user requirements of a website
website functional requirements
website analysis
identify functional requirements of a website
home page, linked pages, media content, external links, website structure (diagram)
website design
structure a website map with: home page, four linked pages, media content and external links
website design
create a website design which includes end-user requirements
user interface, visual layout
website design
create good visual layout in the user-interface design
page readability
website design
create good readability in the user-interface design
navigational links
website design
identify navigational links using a wireframe in a user interface design
vertical positioning of media
website design
organise media as a vertical stack using a wireframe in a user interface design
media file formats
website design
identify media file formats using a wireframe in a user interface design
web site page consistency
website design
ensure consistency across multiple pages using a wireframe in a user interface design
low fidelity prototype
website design
make and use a low fidelity prototype based on a wireframe to develop a website
test website
compare finished website and user interface design to test web solution
check link operation
test website
check all links work correctly to test web solution
check navigation
test website
check all navigation works correctly to test web solution
check text and styles
test website
check all text content including styles displays correctly to test web solution
check media
test website
check all media content displays and plays correctly to test web solution
check consistency
test website
check that there is consistency on and between pages
website fitness for purpose
evaluate website
assess the fitness for purpose of the website as part of the evaluation

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