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SQA Tasks

Part A

Task 1: database design and development (part A)
A small passenger airline wishes to create a database as part of a new online booking system. The database will be required to store the following information:
customer details
bookings made by customers
flight details
scheduled routes

1a The following tables include sample data showing:
bookings on some flights
customers that made those bookings
routes taken by each flight


You should identify which entities have most links or connections:
From the diagram you can see that FLIGHT has to link with BOOKING and with ROUTE.
BOOKING is linked with FLIGHT and with CUSTOMER
This means that FLIGHT and BOOKING should be together in the middle.
CUSTOMER and ROUTE can go on the outside left and outside right.

Using the information provided by the sample data, complete the blank entity-occurrence diagram provided by:
naming the entities
completing the sample instances provided for each entity
showing the association between those instances

As noted above FLIGHT and BOOKING should go in the middle and then ROUTE beside FLIGHT and CUSTOMER beside BOOKING on the outside.
List each entity occurrence once only in the relevant entity
Carefully link pairs of instances

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