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E debug enter data

debug a program which should accept and store several values of different types

program requirement

A weather forecast service has to enter some meteorological data and then present the data in a short message for people to read or have their smart speaker announce.

learning point

this task will challenge you to read error messages and find bugs related to entering values of different types.

user interface design

Here is an an example of a dialog where the user is asked to enter values of different types
Describe the weather, sunny, rainy, cloudy? rain
What is the wind speed ? 4
What is the temperature ? 6.0
Today it is rain with a temperature of 6.0 degrees and wind speed of 4

developer task

The following code has several errors.
Read the code, run the code and use the error messages to debug.
You may have to do this several times until all the bugs are fixed.
This is not a PRIMM task it is a debug task.

program code

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