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馃イ馃挮 Boba Tea Companion
馃イ馃挮 Boba Tea Companion

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Make it your own!

Here are some fun ways to spice up your boba tea.
馃嵂 Switch up the sweeteners
Change how much sweetener you add to your drink.
Go low on sweetener to preserve the dry and bitter flavor of tea.
Turn it up to make it an extra delicious sweet treat.
Try a new syrup
Use maple syrup to create a Canadian-inspired drink .
Add honey or agave for a more earthy experience.
Use flavored syrups to create new taste combos.
馃 Mix up the milk
Choose a different dairy product
Add whipped cream for extra indulgence.
Try skim milk for less creaminess.
Sample other milk alternative, like almond, rice or coconut milk.
馃崍 Try some fun additions!
Team up with a different tea type
Go Hong Kong-style with Earl Grey or black tea.
Use an herbal tea to make for a botanical sweet treat.
Steep your tea longer for a more full-bodied drink.
Top it off with chopped up fruit
Citruses and/or berries can add more complexity to the sweet tea taste.
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