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馃イ馃挮 Boba Tea Companion
馃イ馃挮 Boba Tea Companion

How to prepare your tea

Everything you鈥檒l need to brew your boba tea!
A large drinking glass (must hold 2 cups)
A mug
An electric kettle or stovetop
Crushed ice

鈾笍 Boil your water
Bring water to a boil in either an electric kettle, stovetop kettle, pot or in the microwave.
馃嵉 Steep your tea
Pour one cup of your boiling water into a mug or heat-safe container.
Select a tea bag. Add to the hot water and let it steep for 3-4 minutes.
馃晳 Microwave your boba
Tear or cut into your boba packet (tapioca balls) to make a small opening for the steam to escape.
Place the boba packet into a microwave safe bowl or mug with the opening facing upward.
Microwave for 25 seconds until the brown sugar inside the packet is bubbling.
Caution: The packet and its contents will be very hot!
馃イ Assemble your boba
Carefully cut your boba packet open and add it to the bottom of your drinking glass.
Add crushed ice on top of your boba.
Add milk and sweeteners next, stirring until completely dissolved.
Pour tea on top, add straw and enjoy!
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