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馃イ馃挮 Boba Tea Companion
馃イ馃挮 Boba Tea Companion

How to launch your wish paper

Learn how to launch your little paper lanterns.
鉁嶏笍 Write down your wish
Think about a dream, ambition or goal for the next year. Whatever it is, put it down on your paper.
馃憣 Crumple it up
After you鈥檝e written down your wish on the paper, gently crumple it up like this...

3. 馃搩 Roll it up.
Carefully unfold and smooth out wish paper. Then roll it into a tube shape by wrapping it around your finger like this...

4. 馃敟 Light 鈥榚r up
a. Stand the tube upright on your cardstock. Light the top edge with a match and watch it burn and fly away.
b. Careful not to blow out the match in the direction of the tube.

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