What Are The Common Materials For Custom Notebook Cover

custom notebook printing
Notebook is very common in our daily life. Different cover of notebook, which target market different. When we select the cover materials for . We need to consider what our target market is. Today, let us talk about the common materials for custom a notebook cover.
1. Coated paper
Since coated paper with rich color expressiveness and good ink absorption. Most of the clients will choose it to custom the beautiful notebook cover. Whether the coated paper cover with gold foil the logo or print the image. Its printing effect is better than offset paper. What’s more, because the cost of coated paper cover notebook is cheaper. We often use it for ordinary notebook printing.
2. Plastic
In notebook printing field, plastic cover also very common. Because plastic with low cost, waterproof, strong and sturdy, etc. advantages. Which makes it popular in the ordinary industry. But the plastic can’t do the rich color images. So when we custom a plastic cover notebook with fine and colorful pictures. We will add a paper cover between a plastic cover and inner page. So that we can print the beautiful image on the paper cover, to achieve the visual effects.
3. Mounting gray board with coated paper
Mounting gray board with coated paper as the notebook cover is hot popular in the notebook printing industry. Because its cost is higher than a coated paper cover or plastic cover. And it looks high end and isn't easier to damage. We often use it for custom mid-end notebook printing.
4. Mounting gray board with Kraft paper
Kraft paper has the advantages of flexibility and strength, high burst resistance. Because The cost of Kraft paper is relate high. So we often use it for . And custom Kraft notebook, which cover is often mounting gray board with Kraft paper.
5. Mounting gray board with cloth or leather
Mounting gray board with cloth or leather as the notebook cover. Which is hot popular in the high-end market. First, the cost of cloth or leather is expensive, its price has been decide its market position. Second, cloth or leather look more high-end and texture. That’s why most clients select cloth or leather to custom high-end notebook.
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