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Staffing & Consulting Case Study

Turing + Boon


is a tech-enabled talent-sourcing platform that allows companies to rapidly grow their engineering teams through the use of AI.
The global company had an existing referral hiring program that showed promise but was cumbersome and difficult to manage:
Sending referrals was confusing
Tracking rewards took far too long
Managing and customizing rewards was very time intensive
Communication within the program was virtually non-existent
Turing needed a solution to address all of the traditional referral hiring challenges, but with an added layer of complexity.
For Turing, referrals weren’t just a means of hiring employees; referrals were also an avenue to expand its network of remote developers, offering a larger and more qualified talent pool for its customers to choose from.
With a comprehensive referral hiring program, Turing could improve the size and quality of its product (world-class remote software engineers), while bolstering its internal team, considerably increasing its earning potential in the process.
Turing’s existing referral program, as well as other options on the market, weren’t equipped to effectively address these internal and external use cases.
Fortunately, Boon was developed for this exact scenario, and that is where it excels.

The Solution

The first step was implementing Boon’s streamlined referral process for Turing’s internal team and external network of freelance engineers. This included:
Public referral forms that enabled employees to send referrals without being logged in or having a Boon account
Segmented multi-stage email invite drip campaign
Consistent referral program engagement campaigns to targeted audiences
Referral program invite and educational content added to new hire onboarding packets
The Boon platform allowed Turing to easily customize the rewards it offered so each referral was valued and incentivized appropriately. This level of customization and accuracy was critical since displaying internal reward information to external personnel could prove costly in more ways than one.
The referral communication process was also tailored to Turing’s unique needs ensuring all parties were kept up to speed on the referral status from start to finish.
Boon has continued to work alongside Turing to develop new features and further enhance its global hiring initiatives.

The Results

Staffing stats.png
Bonus Benefits:

Reduced time to placement
Greater engagement
Improved candidate experience
More robust candidate network
Dependable talent pipeline of qualified applicants
Enhanced performance and efficiency

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