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Healthcare Case Study

Providence + Boon


Providence’s pre-existing referral program had minimal awareness and participation. In the previous year, referral hires made up less than 12% of their total hires.
The process required for employees to submit referrals was very cumbersome. Referrals had to be submitted by via email and include the candidate’s resume.
After a referral was submitted, the only way employees could monitor the progress of their referral was to manually reach out to the recruitment department and request an update. Additionally, payments for successful rewards were being tracked via an excel spreadsheet.

The Solution

Providence wanted to boost awareness and engagement in their employee referral program and make it easier for their staff to submit referrals. They also wanted to provide automatic referral status updates and streamline the reward payment process.
Provide the recruitment team a simple and effective way to onboard their staff, requiring minimal user training/onboarding.
Provide staff with a simple and accessible way to send referrals.
Enable the recruitment team to effectively communicate, test, and optimize incentive structures for successful referrals.
Seamlessly integrate with ATS (Greenhouse).
Ensure staff and potential applicants were well informed of their referral/application status.
Automate communication between the recruitment and finance departments and streamline the payment process for successful referral hires.

The roll-out of Providence’s new referral program was a big success thanks to Boon’s multi-pronged approach to onboarding:
Segmented multi-stage email invite drip campaign coupled with single sign-on capabilities and domain whitelisting
Targeted ongoing referral program engagement campaigns
Referral program invite and educational content was added to new hire onboarding packets
Public referral forms that enabled employees to send referrals from the Greenhouse job portal without being logged in or even signed up with Boon

The Results

Referrals in cities.Update.png

Bonus Benefits:

Reduced turnover
Improved candidate experience
Invaluable admin time and cost savings
Engaged employees
Dependable talent pipeline of qualified applicants

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