Sample Letter to Supervisor

If you’re interested in asking for your employer to cover your ​money coaching sessions​ through a professional development budget, we made a sample letter to a manager for you.
Just delete these italics, fill in your info in the brackets, and send!
Dear [Insert manager’s name],
I am reaching out to discuss growing my personal financial skills through coaching at . offers financial coaching with Certified Financial Coaches designed to help [women/people] like me. I am eager to participate in a session with a planner in order to work on building a solid financial foundation.
Studies show that financial wellness is positively correlated with engagement and productivity at work, while 78% of people say concern about finances distracts them at work. Meanwhile, money is the #1 source of stress for more women than men.
To provide a bit of background, is a financial company with a stated mission to “solve the stress and anxiety around money, and build with wealthiest generation of Americans.” They are leaders for the financial and professional advancement of women.
The cost for the financial coaching is [$297/$594] for [3/6 months], and includes 1:1 guidance with a financial coach as well as access to financial literacy content.
I appreciate your time in reviewing this request. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to discussing it further.
Thank you,
[Insert name]
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