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Bolder Money Overview

Our program is designed to help members take control of their finances. We do this through a combination of personal finance guidance, support, and accountability.

Step 1: Completing the Money Profile Survey

After signing up, and in advance of their introduction to the coach, the client is asked to complete the following survey, which helps us understand their financial status, and priorities.

Step 2: 1-on-1 Onboarding Call

On signing up, members book a private 30-minute 1-on-1 call with their money coach, where the coach digs into understanding the life and financial challenges the client is facing. We also use the time to establish the client-coach relationship, and align on the top 3-5 goals that the member would like to focus on. The session ends with directions on how to login to our platform, and confirming the top goals.
Following this the conversation moves to messaging with the coach, and the coach will share actionable steps and plan for the member.
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Step 3: On-going Coaching

On-going coaching is via messaging, with shared content and activities as well as reminders for members.
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Our coaches, use our Playbook to share tasks and actions for members, these exercises are designed to systematically help the member get financially organised, and provides them actionable steps they can take to achieve their goals.
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Cadence includes, weekly check-ins, invitations to group coaching sessions, as well as money masterclasses.
Intentional Spending Call
After the member has connected their accounts, and spent some time tracking their finances, we schedule an Intentional Spending or Budgeting call, where we work with them to review how their spending aligns with their goals.
This call is designed to take into consideration, everything from how much they truly need to save for goals, to how much they should be putting towards debt, and retirement.
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Example of Bolder Exercises

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