Codagraphy (Beta version)

Welcome to this incredibly app!
This tool is designed to aid you in understanding and implementing a simple and popular form of text encryption.
The document is structured with an easy-to-understand layout and an innovative way that allows you to visually encode messages.
Dive in, and start your journey into coded messages!
Write an encrypted word, words or the entire chapter.
Of course, enjoy! :)

How to use it?

Insert your word, words, message, paragraph or even a chapter in "Secret Message".
Your encoded word, words, message, paragraph or even chapter will be displayed under the "Ecoded Message"
Click on the button below
Save my secret
if you'd like to store all your encoded content in on single place.

If you'd like to start with an empty Coda solution and would like to get rid of examples, please click
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Secret Message:
Jane Doe is a mysterious woman who lives in a quaint, ivy-covered cottage nestled deep within the enchanting woods of Willowbrook. She spends her days tending to a bountiful garden, where vibrant blooms and exotic herbs thrive under her green thumb's care. Yet, it's not her horticultural skills that set her apart; it's her uncanny ability to heal with a touch. Whispers of her miraculous gifts have drawn people from far and wide, seeking solace and hope in her secluded sanctuary. Jane's true origins remain shrouded in secrecy, and her ethereal presence leaves an indelible mark on those who are fortunate enough to cross her path.
Encoded Message:
mdqh grh lv d pbvwhulrxv zrpdq Show 605 more
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All saved encoded messages:
[mdqh grh lv d pbvwhulrxv zrpdq Show 605 more]

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