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Outcome Harvesting Analysis
Title: Narrative Analysis and Report of Harvested Changes in Project XYZ
Introduction: This narrative analysis and report aim to present the outcomes and changes identified through the Outcome Harvesting method in Project XYZ, carried out by an international nonprofit organization. The analysis will focus on specific aspects such as evidence description, actor changed, type of actor, level of change, source of information, and the harvesting method employed. By evaluating these elements, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the project's impact and the factors that influenced these changes.
Outcome 1: Increased access to clean drinking water in rural communities Evidence Description: Evidence 1 highlights that the installation of water filtration systems resulted in improved access to clean drinking water for households in remote rural areas. The evidence indicates that the water filtration systems were successfully installed and functioning at six designated sites, providing clean water to over 500 families.
Actor Changed: Local community members Type of Actor: Beneficiaries Level of Change: Individual and community level Source of Information: Project monitoring reports, interviews with community members Harvesting Method: Documentary reviews, interviews
The evidence demonstrates a significant change in the lives of community members who now have access to safe drinking water. This outcome is particularly crucial for individual beneficiaries who no longer have to worry about waterborne diseases and can allocate saved time and resources towards other productive activities. The change has also positively affected the overall community, leading to improved health indicators and social development, as evidenced by reduced healthcare costs and increased school attendance rates.
Outcome 2: Enhanced livelihood opportunities for women farmers Evidence Description: Evidence 2 reveals that the project facilitated the establishment of farmer cooperatives and provided training on sustainable agricultural practices and value chain management to local women farmers. Data collected through interviews and direct observations indicate that the cooperatives have enabled women to collectively negotiate better prices for their produce, access credit facilities, and improve the quality of their crops.
Actor Changed: Women farmers Type of Actor: Beneficiaries Level of Change: Individual and community level Source of Information: Project field reports, interviews with women farmers Harvesting Method: Field visits, interviews
The evidence suggests a transformational change among women farmers who were previously marginalized and faced numerous barriers to market entry. The establishment of farmer cooperatives and training sessions empowered these women to challenge traditional gender roles and actively participate in the agricultural value chain. As a result, women farmers experienced higher income levels, increased decision-making power within their households, and improved social status within their communities. The increased economic agency of women farmers positively
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