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Bluedot EV-Ambassador Program

🗺️ Region: Applications are now open for drivers living in CA
🗓️ When: Applications are open till April 21
👥 Who: Open to 50 Electric car drivers
📨 Contact: or on Twitter!
🖥 Application: (At the bottom of our website)

🚀 It all starts with energetic relationships

Community is the key to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles. That’s why we created the Bluedot Ambassador Program — and we want you to be a part of it!
Our ambassadors connect us to communities around the world and provide us with insightful feedback so that we can continue to innovate and grow.
As a Bluedot ambassador, you’ll help build our community and drive the future of transportation. Along the way, you’ll enjoy awesome perks including:
Exclusive, unique products for your EV lifestyle
Invites to exclusive events and trials of new EV services
Access to a global community of amazing EV drivers
Special referral bonuses
And much more to come!
This partnership opens up new opportunities for you and Bluedot to make a difference in our communities and beyond.
Everything we do starts with energetic relationships. That's why each ambassadorship begins locally. When you're an ambassador, you're not just a partner; you're an extension of the Bluedot brand and an inspiration to our users.

Ready to do this?

If you're passionate about building and nurturing relationships that elevate your community, we'd love to hear from you. Here’s what we’re looking for.


You're an engineer, manager, a yogi, a dealer, an artist, a chef, a teacher — basically, you're a leader in your community who loves to charge and make a sustainable impact.


You're committed to a sustainable world — personally, professionally, and in your community. In return, we're committed to giving you services and products that will help you advance the cause.


You believe that every connection can spark something amazing. You love building relationships in your community, especially through sustainable living.

What is the Bluedot Ambassador Program?

The Bluedot Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who spread the word about driving with Bluedot and help us build our community through referrals. They develop partnerships with a network of extraordinary drivers, lead local communities, plan online and offline events, create new blog posts and videos, etc.

How You Contribute

Partnerships: Find and build partnerships with like-minded communities, groups, institutions, companies, and startups.
Grow: Represent the brand and community values throughout your community.
Guest Posting: Use social media to push new initiatives and products.
Guest Interviews: Interact with industry professionals and conduct short audio, video, or email interviews across product management.
Online/Offline Events: Participate in Bluedot promotional and marketing events.
Spread the news: Get your friends onboarded. As you refer, you keep earning.

How You Benefit

Bluedot Pack: An environmental Bluedot package prepared specially for you and your car.
Saving: Save more at partner locations.
Energy: Get free charging at fast public charging stations by completing some exciting challenges every month.
Enjoy: Get access to free and discount special events, concerts, classes, and courses.
Influence: Receive social media promotion from Bluedot.
Give Back: Each month we will donate to an environmental or electric car community (or charity) on your behalf.
Build: If you refer a company with more than 10 drivers to Bluedot, you will receive bonus gifts.

The Rewards

Here are the referral milestones:
5 Referrals — Double your points for a week.
10 Referrals — Get a $50 Tesla or Amazon gift card.
20 Referrals — Get a special Bluedot package that includes a t-shirt, a hat, a mug, and other sustainable surprise products.
50 Referrals — Get one month of free charging at any public charging station.
100 Referrals — Get a free car wrap*

💬 Questions?

Get in touch - just shoot us a DM on Twitter with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc., and we'll get back to you. 👋 You can also text Selin at 415-936-5270

🖥 Application

To apply to join our ambassador program, please fill out this quick form (it should only take 1 min). Applications will be handled on a rolling basis, and we'll text you if we'd like to move your application forward! You can expect us to move fairly rapidly with our timeline :)
*Max amount $2000.
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