Top Flutter Animation Plugins for Best UI Design

A Flutter mobile app that offers a unique visual experience with intuitive and always stands out. You can accomplish this by using animations. The proper use of animation plugins transforms an ordinary and static UI design into something more interactive and alive.
Using animation plugins streamlines the app development process by offering pre-built animation widgets and tools. Read this blog if you want to add the best flutter animation packages to your apps.

Why Use Animation Plugins in Flutter?

Before we dive into the world of Flutter animation plugins, let's briefly talk about why they're worth your attention. Imagine building complex animations from scratch - it can be time-consuming and challenging. Animation plugins come to the rescue by providing pre-built animation widgets and tools. They save you development time and ensure that your animations are smooth and consistent across different devices.

Top 13 Animation Plugins for Interactive UI Design

Now, let's meet some of the fantastic Flutter animation plugins that can transform your UI design:

1. Rive (formerly Flare)

Rive is like the Picasso of animations for your Flutter app. It offers a wide range of animations and interactive components that can make your app feel alive. Whether you need a dancing character or a dynamic progress indicator, Rive has you covered. The great news is that integrating Rive animations into Flutter is a breeze with the rive package.

2. Lottie

Lottie is your go-to choice if you want to add delightful animations without spending hours designing them. It's packed with a library of pre-made animations that can be easily integrated into your Flutter app using the lottie package. Think of it as a treasure trove of animation awesomeness.

3. Liquid Swipe

Liquid Swipe is all about making those swipes and transitions look fluid and impressive. It's perfect for creating eye-catching onboarding screens or captivating page transitions. The liquid_swipe package lets you bring Liquid Swipe's magic to your Flutter app effortlessly.
liquid swipe.gif

4. Material Motion Transitions

Material Motion Transitions are like the magic wand of Flutter animations, bringing a touch of elegance and professionalism to your user interface. Flutter, inspired by Google's Material Design guidelines, defines several transition patterns that can take your app's UI to the next level. These patterns are designed to provide a smooth and visually pleasing experience for your users. Let's dive deeper into these transitions and see how they can enhance your Flutter app.

Container Transform

The Container Transform transition pattern is all about seamlessly transitioning elements from one screen to another. Imagine your app's UI elements, such as images or cards, transforming into a different shape or size as the user navigates between screens. It adds a layer of visual continuity and connection between the different parts of your app.

Shared Axis

Shared Axis is another brilliant transition pattern. It creates a sense of spatial awareness as UI elements move along a shared axis when transitioning between screens. For example, imagine your app's content sliding in from the side or fading in/out as the user moves through your app. Shared Axis makes these transitions feel natural and intuitive.

Fade Through

Fade Through is the subtle magician of transitions. It smoothly fades elements in and out as the user navigates between screens. This pattern ensures a seamless flow of information, enhancing the overall user experience. It's perfect for situations where you want to keep users focused on the content without abrupt changes.


Sometimes, simplicity is key. The Fade transition pattern does just that—it fades one screen into another. This straightforward yet effective animation creates a sense of continuity as elements gently appear or disappear. It's perfect for UI elements that should enter and exit the screen gracefully.

5. Shimmer Animation

Ever noticed how Facebook's loading animation subtly shines and shimmers? You can add the same touch of magic to your app with Shimmer Animation. It's simple yet effective and can be implemented using the shimmer package.

6. Simple Animations

Sometimes, less is more. Simple Animations live up to their name, offering easy-to-implement animations like rotation, fade, and scale. You'll find them handy when you need subtle yet impactful effects. The simple_animations package makes them accessible to everyone.

7. Staggered Animation

Staggered Animation adds animation to the ListView, GridView, Column, and Row children. With the flutter_staggered_animations package, your app will look more dynamic.

8. Curved Navigation Bar

A curved navigation bar is not just trendy; it adds a unique flair to your app's navigation. With the curved_navigation_bar package, you can easily achieve this stylish effect with animations that stand out.

9. Spring Animations

Spring Animations bring a touch of realism to your app's animations. Objects bounce and sway just like they do in the real world. The spring package is your gateway to creating these lifelike animations.

10. Animated Text Kit

Text-based animations often steal the show. Animated Text Kit specializes in just that. With various text animation styles like a typewriter, you can make your text content visually engaging. The animated_text_kit package makes it easy to bring words to life.
animated text kit.gif

11. Sprung

Sprung is the secret sauce for adding spring-based animations to your Flutter app. Objects react with a natural bounce and elasticity that adds a touch of whimsy to your design. You'll love the effects created using the sprung package.

12. Animated Widgets

Sometimes, you need your widgets to come to life. Enter Animated Widgets, a concept where widgets themselves can be animated. The animated_widgets package opens up a world of possibilities for creative animations.

13. Widget Circular Animator

widget circular animation.gif
Circular animations can be captivating. Whether it's for loading indicators or circular progress bars, the Widget Circular Animator is your tool of choice. Create mesmerizing circular animations with ease.

Tips for Using Animation Plugins

While these animation plugins can elevate your UI design, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:
Keep animations meaningful and user-friendly. Don't overdo it.
Pay attention to performance optimization to ensure your app runs smoothly.
Test your animations on various devices and screen sizes to ensure they look great everywhere.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, the world of Flutter animation is ever-evolving. Stay updated on new plugins and animation techniques, and don't hesitate to share your experiences and favorite animation plugins with the Flutter community. Your journey to creating stunning UI designs has just begun!
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