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BIRD Incubator explained in less than 5 minutes.

About us

BIRD Incubator is an AI-focused startup incubator based in Zagreb, Croatia. It was founded by Poslovna inteligencija in 2021 with the main goal of incubating early-stage artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning startups and helping develop the Croatian startup ecosystem. However, since then, BIRD Incubator broadened its scope, and is now recognized in the international startup realm. During the three years of operating, it successfully incubated 31 startups, with 8 of those raising investments totaling over 5.5 million euros.


Pre-Incubation (1 month)
Throughout these weeks, the focus is put on developing a strong understanding of the AI market, identifying potential customer needs, and refining startup ideas to ensure they are innovative, feasible, and market-relevant.
2. Incubation (6 months)
The goal of the incubation phase is to transition from a solid MVP to a market-ready product, culminating in a well-prepared pitch and networking opportunities. The program is designed to not only develop the product, but also to build the skills and network necessary for sustainable business growth.
3. Acceleration (hop on, hop off)
The goal of the Acceleration program is to help startups, that have a proven product and initial market traction, to scale their operations, refine their business strategies for larger markets, and prepare for substantial investment rounds or other forms of growth financing. This stage is highly customized to the specific needs of each startup, focusing on achieving rapid growth and establishing a solid position in the market.

Pitch Deck

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