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When we think of including PDF documents in a Coda app, the typical reaction is — ... this user experience is not helpful.
What would be better?
Well, this is the requirements bar we set at Stream It:
Must provide full in-line PDF document preview with scrolling.
Must support expanded larger view with one click.
Dynamic preview sizing in tables.
Drag-and-drop additions; no custom or document-dependent formula edits.
The number-one requirement from users I've spoken with is the ability to scroll (or swipe) in the preview thumbnail because that's how users find specific passages. Lacking the ability to perform a full text search, this is obviously the next best thing.
Coda checks all of these boxes if you know how to extract the URL of a Coda-bound file and embed it in a Canvas field. This document exposes these details.
Extracting the Coda URL for PDF Files
This is achieved with a formula in the hidden field PDF URL. It’s a little tricky but highly useful.
ParseJson(_Merge(thisRow.[PDF File]) + "", "#/publicUrl")
Embedding in a Canvas
With the URL for each file, it’s now possible to embed the document into a canvas field.
Embed(thisRow.[PDF URL])
In this example, I’ve embedded the formula in each canvas item for demonstration purposes, but at Stream It, we tend to use canvas templates in cases like this. There’s a good discussion of templating canvasses
In-line Previews
Expanded In-line View

Preview PDF Files
PDF File
Stream It & Human Trafficking
Stream It TLAHT Initiative.pdf
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Stream It: Deception
Stream It_ Deception.pdf
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Stream It: Vehicle Geo-fencing
Stream It Geo Fencing Brochure 20200309.pdf
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