Show Notes

BuiltOnAir Podcast - 13-Mar-2020

Brief Intro

You can learn more about my background
. Feel free to with any questions.
Briefly, I've had a 40-year run in technology, developed 16 products (mostly software), won some awards, created and sold a few companies, developed more than 50 million customers along the way, and all of it largely began in 1980 with . For me, Airtable is simply the dBase of this decade.
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Airtable Discussion Topics

For this podcast we'll likely drift a bit, but these are the general guideposts. I tend to look at and this philosophy doesn't stop with Airtable. I like to explore the edges of all technologies and when I do, it leads me to discover unique opportunities to do things a bit differently.

Coding in a "Code-Free" Database

The irony does not escape me
"Code-free" is code for "potentially limiting"
Modern apps and innovation tend to require a little code

Data Scaling and Search in Airtable Apps

Workers spend 1.8 hours every day — 9.3 hours per week, on average — searching and gathering information.
Let's blame Airtable
Search is not so simple ()
Ponder this question...
If you had an index of all your Airtable data, where would you feel comfortable storing it?
Our perception of search requirements are woefully underestimated

Script Blocks and Why They Matter (Greatly)

Intelligence Proxy
Process automation
Overcoming limitations
Opportunistically Integrated

Airtable and Data Science

We don't leverage data well
Machine learning is very difficult, but certainly possible

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