Udemy Onboarding Assignment

Meet our ICP #1 Akash.He is a 19-year old college student who is pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from a Tier 3 University,his primary goal is to find better opportunities for himself so that he can start earning ASAP.He has a goal to acquire a new skill like Web App Development in the next 3-6 months.He has selected a course and is using Udemy 3 times a week so that he can complete his course.He uses primarily apps like Youtube,Instagram,Snapchat,OTT Apps and food delivery apps apart from upskilling apps like Udemy. As of today Akash is looking to make his first income through internships/freelance projects.He can spend 300 to 1000 rupees as his budget for up skilling.
Problem Statement
He is looking for a product where he can get a topclass distraction free affordable platform where he can upskill and become a software developer
Current Solution
He can go to websites like coursera where courses are a little bit costly and YouTube which is full of distraction
Meet our ICP #2 Noopur,She is 30 year old product manager at Seed Stage Startup,her primary goal is to go up the corporate ladder by learning new skills. In the next 3-6 months she is looking to become a product leader in her organisation. She uses Udemy every 6 months to grow in her career.She primarily uses apps like Youtube,Fitbit,whatsapp,slack and Evernote.She as of today makes more than 20 LPA.She can spend 50000 to 1 L as her budget for upskilling.
Problem Statement
She is looking for a product which has variety so that she can learn skills like stakeholder management to grow in her career.
Current Solution
Platforms like edx,coursera exist but here courses are a bit costly .

JTBD for Akash
So for these goals Akash would hire Udemy to achieve his corresponding goal
Financial Goal:Achieve financial independence while he is in college
Personal Goal:To up-skill and become a software developer
JTBD for Noopur
For the Following goals Noopur would hire udemy to achieve her corresponding goals
Financial Goal:To earn more by becoming a product leader
Personal Goal:To learn more about people and also human behaviour so that she can manage people better
A user only knows of the problem statement and of a brand called Udemy that solves this. They are likely to search on Google or the App Store. Both of these come after little to no brand awareness and low to medium problem identification. Yes, both these platforms could arguably be part of awareness but Hey! Let’s look at how smoothly one goes from one part of the Growth Funnel to the other.
Organic Search for pain points
Untitled design-3.png
Play Store Search
WhatsApp Image 2023-02-03 at 00.31.58.jpeg
What works
Whenever a user searches for online courses Udemy comes on top of the search result and in case of the play store it comes on the first page of the search result
What doesn’t work
Whenever a user searches for affordable online courses, which is a USP for udemy,the search result doesn’t come on top. So they should optimise on key word ‘affordable online courses’,this would make sure people who are less aware will be attracted towards the brand of udemy.
Cognitive Bias
Social Proof:The 4.4 rating and number of downloads show the number of people who have downloaded and trusted the brand of Udemy.
Anchoring bias:Since udemy comes on top whenever someone searches for online courses on google.
App Store
Untitled design.png
What works
The App Page on the App Store does a great job of communicating what the App is all about.
The title Card is clear on what the app is all about. Also, the description is clear on JTDB aspects of the ICP.
Strong # of Ratings 300K+ and the average rating is quite good at 4.4. We can also see the highlight that they are a top-rated platform for their industry.
Cognitive Bias
Social Proof:The 4.4 rating and number of downloads show the number of people who have downloaded and trusted the brand of Udemy.
Anchoring bias:Since udemy comes on top whenever someone searches for online courses on google.
Authority Bias:Because it is the top rated app in its category
Feedforward Bias:Because users know what to expect out of udemy
JTBD Progress
At this stage the users JTBD is emphasised and messaging is in the right manner to invoke belief from the ICP.

Untitled design-2.png
What works
Whenever a user opens the app the user is primed about what to expect out of the app
Using social proofing the copy makes sure that trust is built while user is onboarded to the app
While the user is onboarded they are made comfortable because they can learn at their own pace.
The copy highlights endowment effect so that users are retained while they buy a course on the platform
The users have an option to browse the courses first and sign in later while they make the purchase
What doesn’t work
Most aha moments for users happen when prices drop for the courses on the platform and that is when they tend to purchase more courses, that occasional price drop should have been highlighted while they are onboarded
Cognitive Bias
Social Proofing:They have highlighted the fact that millions of learners are there on platform
Endowment effect:Because users get lifetime access to the course they value it more
Priming:Users are primed because they know that platform haas a variety of courses to offer them
Picture Superiority Effect:Because the courses are video first users will tend to remember and retain what they learn and that part is highlighted
Featured Section Screen
What works
The App does not bombard with available courses on the platform
The messaging is on point with the core value prop of the product
Cognitive bias
Progressive Disclosure:-The app does not bombard with available courses and slowly discloses the available courses
Hick’s law:-With so many categories it might get difficult for the user to pursue a course
JTBD Progress
The user is now free to browse various courses available on the platform
Sign in and Sign up Screen
Untitled design-4.png
What works
Facebook/Google and Apple Sign in/Sign up option for faster account creation flow
Only name, email and password is needed for account creation
This step is key for every user to make sure every user has a smooth flow through out the app

Search Page
What works
The user who does not know what course to pursue gets hints what course should they pursue
Cognitive bias
Hick’s law:-With so many categories it might get difficult for the user to pick and pursue a course
JTBD Progress
The user is now free to browse various courses available on the platform and also execute their JTBD.
Course Screen
Untitled design-5.png
What works
The user who does not know what the course is all about gets a clear and detailed picture of the entire course
Clear and concise pitch that user should buy the course
There is strong social proofing with the ratings and number of students.
What doesn’t work
The pricing doesn’t work for ICP since this would be out of budget for the college student like ICP 1
Cognitive bias
Decision making fatigue:As the user goes through all the topics course has to offer it can become tiring to go through each and every topic given in the contents
JTBD Progress
At this step the user goes through the course details which will help the ICPs in visualising what goals the course will help them achieve
Checkout Screen

What works
Users are getting to choose to pay from debit, credit card, net banking,wallets and UPI as payment options
The user is given assurance that if the course doesn’t work out for them they will get refund within 30 days of joining the course.
Here normally the JTBD flow is complete
User will add a course to his Wishlist:A user will only add a course to his Wishlist if he is interested in buying the course during sale
User will complete a course:It takes lots of time and effort to complete the course
User will use the notes and timestamp feature:Using this feature will make the user a power user of the platform
A user buys 25+ hour course:-This will make sure that user will keep coming back to the platform to complete the course to achieve his/her goal
User starts teaching on the platform:This will make sure the user will keep promoting the platform to make an income and also the user might do this after learning on the platform
Teacher starts a referral program:This will make sure that more and more users get onboarded
Number of courses being bought
Number of courses completed by each user
Number of teachers on the platform
NPS/CSAT for each course
Ratings and reviews given to each course
Retention for each course

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