Exploring syndicate fund

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Milestone 2/November Focus

Objectives and deliverables

Feel confident enough in the legal structure/cover of Odin to proceed

It seems that Odins’ position on this is based on a few areas of defensibility:
By being a part of the deal (”participating as an investor”), by investing £1K into each deal, it seems that this allows much more flexibility around regulatory scrutiny, as it changes it from being in the course of business.
The defence as to why it’s okay for us to bring investors and deals to Odin is that the investors are already within our network, and they are required to self certify at this point, additionally, the presentation of the deal will be regulated too.

Questions still be be ascertained:

How does this play out with EAH LTD wanting to be the syndicate lead, as opposed to an individual?
Is the syndicate agreement included as part of this, or is that separate?
Do we have someone that is a sophisticated investor?

Shape the ideal positioning of Syndicate (Early Adopters Investment Club)

Help establish feasibility and compliant way of monetising the syndicate
Identify best approach for leveraging syndicate to explore raising money for EAH
Support research and sales efforts with prospective investors
Objective and agendas of calls
(No need to be on calls)


Identify areas of concern to be addressed with Odin
Support shaping the best approach to EAH accountants as first investors to target
Help to shape the deck to be used to approach prospective investors
Ad hoc support

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