Zero Effort, Maximum Traffic: Expert Tube Marketing for OnlyFans Creators

We take care of submitting your content to the top tube sites, maximizing your exposure and income with zero hassle on your part.

The Problem With in-house Tube Submitting


Missed Revenue Opportunities

You have the content, so why not optimise it?
Every unoptimized or poorly submitted piece of content is a missed opportunity for increased visibility and revenue.

Operational Hurdles and Team Building

Getting the right editors, submitters, compliance agents and managers is tough. You need to train them up to your standards, which takes considerable time and effort away from your business.


Complex Submission Processes

Every tube site has a unique submission process, making it a labyrinth of complexity.
Without deep expertise and industry connections, it's easy to get lost, leading to incorrect or ineffective submissions.

Too Many Platforms, Too Little Time

Juggling countless tube sites, each with its own rules and requirements is complex. The sheer volume makes it nearly impossible to manage effectively, consuming valuable time that can be spent on other aspects of the business.

The Solution —

Our Done-For-You service manages everything from content optimization to submission, freeing you to focus on what you do best: managing your creator’s profile and creating content with them.

Streamlined Multi-Platform Profile Management

Leave the hassle of managing multiple tube sites to us. Our DFY service navigates the rules and requirements of each site, saving you time and letting you focus on content creation and other key business areas.

Hands Off Submission Process

No more getting lost in complex submission guidelines. Our team has the expertise and industry knowledge to manage submissions efficiently, ensuring your content is correctly and effectively uploaded every time.


Expert Team at Your Service

Forget the challenges of hiring and training video editors and submitters. Our skilled professionals are trained to our high standards, ensuring your content is handled expertly without you lifting a finger.

Maximized Revenue and Visibility

With our strategic content optimization and submission, we turn every piece of your content into an opportunity for higher visibility and increased revenue, making sure you never miss out on potential earnings.

What’s Included?


Profile setup to 10-30 Tubesites

Guaranteed uploads to about 10 major tube sites, focusing primarily on platforms that generate 90% of the traffic, such as Pornhub, Xvideos, and Xhamster. While we aim to upload to as many as 30 tube sites, we note that not all clips may remain online due to site policies.

Customized Content Editing and Optimization

Our 15 years of expertise allow us to offer high-quality editing of clips from your provided scenes, including optimizing for maximum engagement.
We include high quality creative design for banners, watermarks, and intro/outro segments tailored to enhance your brand's visibility.

Full-Service Content Management

From sourcing and reviewing content to managing 2257 documentation and creating profiles, we handle every aspect of the preparation and submission process. All that's required from you is the full scenes, 2257 documentation for each scene, and a preferred watermark.

Transparent and User-Friendly Dashboard

Gain access to our developing dashboard for an easy content submission experience and comprehensive progress tracking. Once the full version is launched, you'll have a clear overview of edited clips, created profiles, and views across all tube sites and profiles, ensuring transparency and control over your content's distribution.

How It Works: A Step-by-Step Guide for Agencies

Engaging with tubesubmit.io’s Done-For-You service is straightforward and designed to ensure a seamless experience from the initial contact to seeing your content live and performing on tube sites. Here's how our process works:

Contract Agreement and Onboarding

After an initial consultation to align on goals and expectations, we sign a detailed contract and guide you through a quick onboarding process. This includes setting up access to our dashboard for easy content submission and tracking.

Content Submission Setup

You upload the full scenes and 2257 documentation to our secure Google Drive and provide us with your preferred domain name and a tracking link.

Content Optimization and Editing

Our team handles all creatives, from creating engaging clips to designing banners and watermarks. We prepare your content for maximum impact on tube sites.

Review and Approval

An initial clip is sent to you for review. Based on your feedback, we make any necessary revisions to ensure the content meets your standards and expectations.

Daily Uploads and Profile Management

With your approval, we begin daily uploads to all tube sites, taking care of all aspects of profile management to maximize your content’s visibility and engagement.

Performance Monitoring and Feedback

Through our dashboard, you receive regular updates and detailed performance reports, allowing for ongoing optimizations based on real-world data and feedback.



Pro Package

Setup-Fee includes:
Tube Profile setup on 10-30 sites (depending on the creator)
Initial creatives including a brand book — banner, intro/outro and watermark
Monthly fee includes:
Daily submissions to up to all tubesites
Fan management on the tubesites
Mass Commenting

$1500 Set-Up Fee

+ $3000/mo Management Fee


Affiliate Partnership

Setup-Fee includes:
Tube Profile setup on 10-30 sites (depending on the creator)
Initial creatives including a brand book — banner, intro/outro and watermark
Monthly fee includes:
Daily submissions to up to all tubesites
Fan management on the tubesites
Mass Commenting

$1500 Set-Up Fee

+ 35% Management Fee

(only for select agencies)

About Us

At tubesubmit.io, we combine years of expertise from adult subscription sites and running a successful OnlyFans management agency. We know the ins and outs of boosting content visibility. Our mission? To make tube site submissions simple and effective.

15 Years of Experience

We've been mastering content distribution in the adult entertainment world for over 15 years.

6 Billion Views Generated

Our strategies have captivated audiences worldwide, amassing a staggering 6 billion views across tubesites.


Over $10 Million Revenue

Through our expertise, we've turned views into value, generating over $10 million in revenue for our adult businesses.

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