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Durham Art Parade Project Hub
Durham Art Parade Project Hub

Collaborating online

I’ve pulled together tools I think will help us in communicating and collaborating to keep the Art Parade on track for a glorious debut :) Below I describe my thought process for choosing these tools and how I think they might help us.


This is my best guess at the kinds of problems we’re trying to solve when it comes to collaboration and communication. I’ve tried to find low-cost options, and all the tools selected so far have a free tier I think is useful
Keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed for the parade to be a success
Easy to understand what needs to get done
Easy to understand who’s to doing what
Have discussions somewhere that can be structured and that won’t overwhelm inboxes
Give project updates
Request help
Make decisions and communicate them
Get feedback
Share documents / resources with relevant stakeholders
List these some place that lives outside of emails
Easily update the list

Tool proposals

(this site) - the project management hub that we can point people to so they can find their way to the other project management pieces. Also the docs/resources repository
Trello - task management. Pretty easy and intuitive UI, and we can easily invite any number of people to use it
Discord - free chat server. Kinda like slack. Where we can have somewhat structured discussions outside email, where history is preserved so that people who aren’t on email chains can see what’s been discussed

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