Digital Bank: Designing A Document Management Platform

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Project Overview

The concept of beneficiary (as it relates to financial institutions) for a long time has been focused on the context of transfer of money instead of transfer of value (money, airtime, bill payment etc).
The drive behind this project was to make a beneficiary work like your phonebook where an entity/contact, let’s say Bisi, can accommodate different subsets/properties (phone number, email, nickname, address etc)
I was of the opinion that a beneficiary should be able to accomodate the following properties - account details, phone number, Pay TV smartcard number, ISP unique ID etc.
It should also be contextual i.e if a user want to buy airtime for “mum” the beneficiary detail that should be fetched is the phone number.
‍The goal was to design an experience that will help users seamlessly create a beneficiary with multiple contextual properties.

The Team

Product manager
Product designer

My Role

Product designer

Understanding the User

First step during the design process is to understand the user.
Using some UX techniques I was able to create a user persona and some of her traits.
The persona represents the users’ main needs and pain points, which were discovered through the research process:


“I want to be able to pay for my mum’s cable subscription without having to switch apps between my banking and messaging applications.”


Fast page load time.
Visually appealing screens.


Beneficiary should be useful all round in terms of value transfer.
Easy to understand beneficiary management process.

User Interviews

I interviewed a few people that matched the user types and asked them questions based around how they pay for cable TV for a third party.
My main learnings from the interviews:

Top Pain Points

Have to manually switch between applications to get the unique ID of the receiver and paste the details in the field provided by the banking application.
Most times the above process will have to be done multiple times because of session timeout from the banking application end.

Nice To Have Features

A way to copy individual properties under a beneficiary to reuse in other platform.
A way to share beneficiary details with another user.

Competitive Analysis

For this competitive analysis, I examined 5 major banks broadly used on the market.


How the different applications allow users to create beneficiary.
What steps are needed when transferring value to a beneficiary

Main Findings

All of them allow you to create a beneficiary only in the context of funds transfer
1 of 5 allows you to transfer airtime to a saved phone contact


Wireframeexpected results.png


Researching and testing with humans were fundamental steps into understanding the real needs and pain points of the users.
More importantly, they gave us the knowledge to solve each step in an effective and smooth way.
We were able to work closely as a team, prioritizing a supportive approach to ideas and sketching instead of endless debating. This allowed us to concentrate on the essential and focus our energy with clearer goals in mind.
As a result of the intensive research and testing with humans, users found the experience easy to understand and useful.
Thank you for reading.
Do me a solid and check out my for a peak into the experiences I have designed.

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