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Vaultr Launch Dashboard

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Roles & Contributions


Philip Nordenfelt - Co-founder + CTO
Brennan Chong - Co-founder + CRO
Run outbound campaigns for Vaultr offer (capped budget of up to $5,000 USD)
Send a minimum of _____ emails
4-5x different client personas
Test 3x opening angles per set
Manage campaigns
Inbox management (testing phase)
Share metrics & feedback
Scale best campaigns
Test product & provide feedback
Share agency analytics (clients redacted)
2x meetings with studio per week
Up to 3 hours extra per week (misc tasks)
Record pre-scripted training modules


Market research & ICP definition
Co-write email flows / sales copy
Past / present credibility & results
Shared IP (Co-develop)
AI prospect enrichment
Lead sourcing module
Agent auto-responder
Lead optimization engine


$10,000 USD budget for product launch
Alex Yella - CEO (temporary)
Develop offer, pricing & pitch
Develop Vaultr v1 product
Ongoing product dev support
Fix product bugs & optimize
Hiring, training & management
Client sales & closing
Manage client onboarding
Manage client fulfilment
Client support & documentation
Create sales & marketing assets
Funnel architecture
Landing page
Brand identity
Lead magnet
Sales deck / demo
Finance, legal & administration
Customer contracts
Accounting & invoicing
Payment collection
HR & payroll management

Equitable Split (Equity + Net Profit):

Studio (Operator): 76%
RevHuntr (Partner): 24%
Equity vesting schedule: 4% per month for 6 months
Immediate unlock of net profit portion (24%)

Despite taking on majority of the risk, work and operating the business → I want engagement

Post Launch Phase: Spinout dedicated LLC with team, funding etc (option for BC or PN to take on greater role such as CEO etc)
Ideally move you guys up to 30-40% ownership by cap raise / studio spinout

On my studio deals / spinout team:
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