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Ideal Customer Profiles

B2B companies that are small to medium, with high-ticket offers (above $3,000) in a growing/hot market.
A list of business to business niches and sectors.
Fitness instructors and personal trainers
Photographers and videographers
Insurance agents
Software start ups
E-commerce professionals
Recent industry reports, growing sectors, industries, technologies

Hiring insights (which industries are hiring a lot)
Get AI to generate a big list of B2B digital and service agencies (eliminate) - assist in braninstorming
Sustainable Technologies
With the growing focus on sustainability, agencies offering eco-friendly solutions are in demand.
Health Tech
The healthcare sector is rapidly evolving, and agencies catering to digital health solutions are on the rise.
E-commerce Optimization
As online shopping continues to grow, agencies specializing in enhancing e-commerce platforms are in demand.
Remote Work Solutions
With the shift to remote work, agencies providing tools and services for efficient virtual collaboration are thriving.
Cybersecurity Services
The increasing frequency of cyber threats makes cybersecurity agencies essential for businesses.

Who to sell to (initial ideas for discussion):

B2B Digital Agencies (asia, europe, australia, latam, africa? + USA) → identify some growing niches [SOLUTION AWARE, sell the anti agency offer, take it in house] → try 2-3 (high volume, piggy back on GROWING niches like CRO, email, UGC, tiktok, PR, web design, video creation, AI implementors)
Look at where the VC money is flowing (rising tide) → identify 4
Easily a scalable 500k+ pm offer with paid ads (once validated + case studies)
I know the psychology of these guys inside and out. they get slammed with offers, which can be good (proven) if we have a unique mechanism and angle

B2B SaaS companies → that are using agencies (recently funded?), $1m+ ARR, want proven frameworks → 18k leads of recently funded (easy start)

Web dev / design / creative agencies → no gig platforms, no agencies, targeted outreach direct to your dream client

B2B SaaS Companies: recently funded (Seed, A or B) OR pre 2019 ($3k+) OR hiring SDRs
Advertising/marketing agencies: running ads OR with 5+ employees OR hiring anyone full time
Web dev / design / creative agencies: hiring anyone full-time OR 5+ employees

Regions: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe

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