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Vaultr Launch Dashboard

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Future Feature Ideas

Position vaultr as an end-to-end leads solution powered by an AI & the vaultr optimization engine
Basically the client clicks a button and qualified leads show up on their calendar.
Commercial MVP:
Backend: off the shelf integrations and semi-manual work performed by team, agents & AI
Front end: client dashboard and
Smartlead will be standalone (whitelabel branded as ‘vaultr send portal’ or something. Eventually we’ll just API/webhook in and out with our own front end.

Inbound on Autopilot with Vaultr AI
Targeted, validated and personalized outreach that converts

Epic 1: Data Ingestion & Validation

Feature 1.1: Upload CSV files with email and website columns → client can upload existing list to be processed and validated (they export from CRM)
Feature 1.2: API integration to ingest contacts
Feature 1.3: Automatic domain extraction and validation from the email if the website is missing → backend operatio
Feature 1.4: Real-time data validation and verification for emails and domains → MVP: 24 hours (bots + VAs doing this, then later airtable automation maybe)

Epic 1.1: Contact Scraping and ICP Matching

Feature 1.1.1: Define Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in the system → onboarding (form + call)
Feature 1.1.2: AI agent scraping based on ICP → backend (lead sources, scraping,
Feature 1.1.3: Third-party integrations for contact scraping → GET MORE INFO
Feature 1.1.4: Aggregation and deduplication of scraped contacts → list clean up

Epic 2: Advanced Data Enrichment

Feature 2.1: AI-based website interpretation → run this operation for isolated leads (evaluate the value) → maybe enough for MVP?
Industry, Niche
Value proposition
Services/Products and their USPs
Recent news, notable details
Feature 2.2: AI Agent Research → core feature and value prop?
News about the company
News about the contact person
Comparison websites
Garntner quadrants/reports
Financial KPIs, reports
Feature 2.3: Third-party Data Integration →
Technology stack
Buying behavior
Previous projects successes/failures
Feature 2.4: Geo-targeting and industry-specific enrichment
Feature 2.5: Industry and competitor analysis for each lead

Epic 3: User Intent Capture

Feature 3.1: UI/UX to capture user intent for outreach → onboarding + strategy
Feature 3.2: API to capture intent programmatically
Feature 3.3: Predefined intent templates with industry-specific language

Epic 4: Dynamic Copywriting Engine

Feature 4.1: Generate personalized copy for email outreach → semi manual with AI (48h processing time)
Feature 4.2: Generate personalized copy for LinkedIn messaging
Feature 4.3: A/B testing for generated copy → smartleads platform (whitelabelled)
Feature 4.3 Generate cold calling scripts → semi manual w/AI (48 hour processing)
Feature 4.4 Generate outreach strategy → manual strategy (

Epic 5: Outreach Channels

Feature 5.1: Email Outreach Integration, Direct campaign setup in Smartlead/Instantly
Feature 5.2: LinkedIn Messaging Integration
Feature 5.3: Direct integration with popular CRMs → output leads into CRM later

Epic 6: Analytics and Reporting

Feature 6.1: Detailed analytics, reports, suggested tactics on each lead

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