Website Audit & Observations

Website Observations for :

Getting a lot of hits from high PR websites (see SEO stats data below)
some high PR backlink hits have lost after a while (2 - 3 months)
No HTTPS support (Not Secure sign displayed in the URL bar, big hit to SEO rankings)
IIWA can do more with dedicated course overview pages
enabling audience tracking and retargeting with Google Analytics would be a great value add.
Contact Sections can be improved with localized city-based dropdowns
might be suitable for a City selection dropdown on the entire website to provide better customer engagement and retention.
Landing page does not showcase salon skills
No CTAs found
"Book an Appointment" button on Nav can have an actual booking mechanism instead of displaying non-CTA location maps
hero section could use better images and CTAs
Images aren't clickable
no deeper pages for Men/Women subsections
Services pop-up can use dedicated pages with visualizations for improved SEO

SEO Stats:

Referring Domains for
Backlinks Profile for
Organic Keywords for
Top Performing pages on

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