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PVS Visit Write Up | XR Projects

As PVS prepares to embark on the world-wide voyage, our team sees a crucial opportunity in to gather information, provide live demonstrations, and collaborate effectively with the team before their departure. Failure to take advantage of this opportunity could result in significant delays to the projects as stakeholders will be unavailable for an extended period and unable to provide valuable input and feedback.
The following list proposes all potential opportunities for work that can be accomplished during a trip, however scope and agenda will need to be narrowed depending on time constraints & team availabilities.
The ideal time for this trip is before PVS embarks on the world wide voyage. Note - the amount of live demos our team can have produced is dependent on the date of the trip.

Hall of Teacher Live Demo & Feedback Sessions

The most beneficial way to provide an accurate demo for VR experiences is through live demonstration.
Demo Hall of Teachers for Nainoa and PVS leadership
Host and document a feedback session for the experience.
Gather additional leadership buy-in and accelerate production for a Genealogy-focused project
Renew excitement and passion for what is possible in this project
Identify next steps for project
Example: which teachers we like to highlight next

Asset Collection

Now that our team has a defined project list and set of deliverables, an in-person opportunity to expand our asset repository with photo/video/audio/3D assets that directly support our projects in progress would be extremely beneficial.
Hall of Teachers
Collect voiceover and stories
Gather footage, stories & content to be displayed next to specific Teachers
Improve virtual environment design through new 3D environment scans and footage
All Projects: Collecting additional immersive & XR assets
Audio recordings of environment sounds or in-person interviews
3D Scans
Capture 3D scans of location-specific objects
Create high-quality and immersive 3D environments that can be viewed and explored in VR.
Generates high-quality, authentic assets at a faster pace than traditional 3D modeling.
Gather NeRFs from different locations
NeRF (Neural Radiance Fields) is a technology that allows creating highly detailed and accurate 3D models of objects or environments from 2D images.
Saves time & resources compared to traditional 3D modeling techniques.
Gather reference images & videos to support XR design working team
Bishop Museum
Present current AR planetarium POC experience
Discuss further partnerships and content collection opportunities

New equipment: Our team has recently invested in updated equipment for asset collection including: new 360 camera & drone with environment scanning/3D capture capabilities

Star Compass of Values Working Session

Nainoa has stressed the importance of our team understanding the Star Compass of Values in order to build the final deliverable correctly. More dedicated time in person with Nainoa & team could enable valuable working sessions to get our teams up-to-speed and ideating with the PVS team.
Working Session Agenda Ideas
Complete Star Compass training / knowledge onboarding.
Present initial Star Compass of Values proof-of concept (POC) to provide a jumping-off point for design discussion
Conduct additional design session
Live iterations to existing design to visualize different ideas
Define goals & feature list for final deliverable

Crew Interviews & VR Sailing Simulation Ideation

After the productive design sessions last fall with PVS at ASU, there is a lot of project value for getting live feedback on the Sailing Simulation to improve final product.
Conduct crew interviews to support product design team
Speak directly with crew members for feedback & ideas
Observe real-time interactions on Hōkūleʻa to ensure authenticity and spark ideas for sailing simulation
Opportunities to observe the sailing systems and process we are trying recreate in the experience.
See first hand, how PVS currently trains their crewman
Collect ideas for content/audio dialogue in the experience
Gather ideas for key concepts to teach in various phases
Document sailing mechanics on the canoe
Get input on skills for students
Continue conversations around creating a digital sailing manual in addition to the VR Sailing Simulation.
Show early VR progress for Nainoa and PVS leadership, crew members
Document feedback on virtual Hōkūleʻa environment
Improve the accuracy and experience of the virtual Hōkūleʻa by being able to see canoes in person again.
Identify next steps for project
Example: document priority features to our product roadmap

Dreamscape Creative Sessions

Lisa Flesher has endorsed the opportunity to involve our team in creative discussions relating to PVS and Dreamscape Learn modules. Time in Hawaii could be used to:
Present ideas on potential Dreamscape Learn module
Conduct design session to gather information on the creative pitch
Document opportunities and ideas

Flexible for PVS Schedule

The idea for proposing this trip comes from the recognition that it is likely easier from a scheduling perspective for our ASU team to meet PVS where they are in Hawai’i, as opposed to finding time for them to come back to Arizona during this time of year. The goal is to accelerate our project workflow and improve output while minimizing any disruption to PVS during a busy time.

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