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Amazon Glow Product Research

is a video calling device for children that enables collaboration and interactivity during your video calls. What sets Amazon Glow apart from other stand alone video calling devices in the market (, , etc.) is the 19” tabletop touchscreen projection that is emitted from the device. Using this touchscreen projection kids are able to interact with the other person on the call by, solving puzzles, drawing together, or playing games. The Amazon Glow also comes with object scanning sensors that allow students to scan images, crafts or Amazon Glow toys from the real world and bring them into your virtual environment where they can be interacted with from anyone on the call.
“This is not passive screen time it is collaborative and interactive. — Amazon Glow offers a virtual immersive experience that brings the digital and physical words together.“
Courtney Holoszvc
Program Leader, Amazon Kids & Family

Notable features

Dedicated Video calling device.
19” touchscreen table top projection
Object scanning
Real time interaction with the person on the other side of the call.
Read an animated story book together
Draw together
Solve a puzzle
Play a game
Hidden object game
Card games
Watch a video
Content partnerships with Disney, Mattel, Sesame Street, and Nickelodeon
Privacy shutter
Parental Controls
Prices start at $250 for the Amazon Glow


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Designed for young ages (3-9 years old)
Great for students who don't know how to use a keyboard yet
Real-time mixed reality interactivity
Amazon has a an SDK for the device and will be opening it up to certain partners in the first half of 2022. They are currently accepting applications at .


Calls are currently limited to 1 on 1 video chats at the moment
No desktop computer support at the moment for users calling the Amazon Glow.
The device does need to be setup using a smartphone. This is usually done by the parent.
A subscription is required to access Amazon Kids+ content on Glow, including e-books and Glow’s interactive games, visual arts activities, and Animated Storybooks.
Currently no enterprise deployment options available

Use cases

One on one tutoring with students
Meet with your tutor face to face on the amazon glow and work through interactive simulations together on the projection touchscreen.
The sensors on the Amazon Glow can be used to share the students textbook and homework with the tutor while the student is working on their assignment in a traditional analog format(pen and paper). The tutor could then use the projector on the Amazon glow to annotate or draw attention to certain sections of the assignment.
Virtual office hours
Could be used for peer to peer collaboration in a classroom
Breakout rooms
Whiteboarding sessions

Similar competitors



Not meant for video calls
Works with an existing iPad
Students can go through the interactive content alone


Portal |

More accessible video calling device
Supports group video chats and calls from desktop computers
Supports Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans and Workplace video calling.
Enterprise deployment options available
Built in smart assistant

Final thoughts:

Amazon Glow shows potential to change how lower level K-12 students interact with their teachers, fellow students and educational content remotely, by providing a more natural and interactive means of communicating through an electronic device. However, the platform is still young and leaves a lot to be desired around content scalability and enterprise deployment. There are also concerns that the ideal age range for this device may be so small, that a project of this size may not have great ROI.
This is an interesting piece of technology we should keep our eye on but is not mature enough for wide scale adoption at the university yet.

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