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Documentation: Ultimate Gameplay Camera
Ultimate Gameplay Camera

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Unreal Engine Camera System Architecture

The final point of view of the player in each frame is determined by the
of Unreal. The camera, the player controller, as well as the player camera manager are all involved with finding the camera position and angle in every moment of the game. The player camera manager allows further Camera Modifiers to register and modify the final point of view.
- Six ingredients for a dynamic third person camera - April 27, 2018
The base class of all of our camera modifiers, UGC_CameraModifier, extends the built-in UCameraModifier. It provides shared functionality for all camera modifiers, which are executed sequentially according to their priority (0 = first, 255 = last). Each Modifier modifies the final camera position/rotation and passes that information to next modifier, until the final camera transform is computed.
A rule of thumb we have chosen to follow is that the dynamic camera should not interfere with player input so that the player keeps total freedom of control on their camera.
Another rule is that the camera spring arm (also known as Camera Boom)’s position should only be changed through the Socket Offset and Target Offset. Its relative location/rotation should always be zero.
👉 Instead of moving the arm relatively to the capsule, you can just adjust the Target Offset.
👉 Instead of rotating the arm relatively to the capsule, you can just adjust the Socket Offset.
You can read more about Unreal Engine’s camera system

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