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Documentation: Ultimate Gameplay Camera
Ultimate Gameplay Camera

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How do I enable/disable debugging?

You can toggle the Camera Modifier debugging by calling the following function with Enabled set to true or false.
This prints all sorts of useful information on your screen
You can also enable/disable debugging for each modifier individually, by going to the Class Default of the modifier and checking or unchecking the Debug checkbox, e.g.:

I’m getting some jittering after integrating into my own project?

Jitter usually comes from either an incorrect setup (make sure you didn't miss any steps in the tutorials) or from trying to integrate UGC with a pre-existing camera feature or system.
Cameras in videos games are very delicate and setting their properties from multiple places in code results in weird behaviour, especially jittering.
Make sure you're not modifying any camera properties, such as FOV, Socket Offset, Target Offset, Target Arm Length or Control Rotation, outside of the UGC plugin.
In order to do this, please follow the next steps:
Open the Tools tab and open the Find in Blueprint window. ​
Use this to look for all places where your code modifies FOV, Socket Offset, Target Offset, Target Arm Length or Control Rotation, outside of the UGC plugin. ​
Otherwise, if there is a feature in UGC that you think is conflicting with your system and you want to remove it, you can go to your new player camera manager blueprint and remove its corresponding Camera Modifier from the class defaults (See next question).

How do I remove a feature I don’t need?

Go into your new UGC Player Camera Manager child blueprint, and click on Class Defaults.
In the list of Camera Modifiers, remove the one that you do not wish to use.

I can’t rotate my camera with the mouse/gamepad?

Make sure UsePawnControlRotation is set to true in the Character’s SpringArmComponent

I can’t get Smooth Collisions to work?

Make sure DoCollisionTest is set to false in the Character’s SpringArmComponent

How do I use Cinematics with UGC?

General Setup

Unreal Engine allows your cinematics to transition from/to gameplay ().
If you have enabled CanBlend in your Camera Cut’s properties, you also need to enable LockPreviousCamera in the camera shot properties.
In your UGC Camera Data asset, make sure to disable Camera Collisions during Cinematics by expanding the Collision Settings and enabling DisableDuringCinematics.

I still get a weird visual jump for 1 frame?

This is usually because cinematics force the 16:9 ratio, unlike the editor viewport. Try running the game in true fullscreen by either:
Pressing F11 and hiding the taskbar.
Simulating the game and pressing ALT+ENTER to go into fullscreen.
If this doesn’t work, try disabling Pitch to ArmLength/FOV modifier.

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