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Example Teacher Emails and Notes

These are some emails and notes from my concussion recovery process from teachers, administrators, and counselors
Email Responses
Chemistry Teacher
Hi [Parent(s) Name(s)] -

Fortunately for [Name] last week was a discussion and lab week, so the three classes that he missed last week will not impact his going forward. We are starting a new unit on Monday. He will need to make up the exam, so I think that finding time to review and focus would be best. I don't see any reason to rush them in taking it. If you pick a time, I can meet any of the times that you listed. Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning are usually a little tight for me, but any other day or after 1pm I can be free- I have 6th and 7th as my preps.
English Teacher
Hi, [Parent(s) Name(s)],

I am so sorry to learn that [Name] is still suffering after-effects of their concussion, and understand your concerns about the potential consequences of their absence. I, too, am eager to devise a way he can keep up with the coursework (and feel less overwhelmed) when he isn't able to read and/or write for an extended period of time. I am unable to attend the meeting tomorrow morning, but I can meet this Friday between 9:15-9:45. Does this work for you?
History Teacher
[Parent(s) Name(s)],

Our hope is that [Name] can handle the condensed/abridged version of WWI notes I'll highlight and that he can approach Russian Rev with audio recordings and possible sketch/illustrations instead of writing notes down. If he thinks something else would work better or has any opinions, please let me know!


There are two PPT presentations for WWI (World War I Notes - Beginning and World War I).
The Beginning notes I *think* [Name] was in class for and he should have that covered already; but the key parts are slides 2,3,5,10,11.
The second presentation covers the events and unraveling of the war. That is not essential. The important components are the end and results of the war. Those slides of info are 32-25, 41. If he can get that info, he should be in the clear moving forward! Let me know if you have any questions or this is confusing.
Mandarin Teacher

[Name] should not be falling behind because we are moving slowly and he is strong in mandarin. Besides he needs to worry less about homework and rest more and come back to school in a good shape. After he returns, he can see me during tutorial, some after school or lunch time to catch up.
Meeting Notes
Chemistry Teacher
- [Name] really struggled today. Halfway through class Chemistry Teacher let [Name] take leave.
- Chemistry Teacher is happy to provide master-versions of his notes, extend due dates for homework and make testing accommodations (more time, special environment, etc...) for testing
Computer Science Teacher
- Computer Science Teacher very understanding. There have been five students this year with concussions. Understands that Computer Science is the last class to which students can return because of the screen time intensity.
- Indicated that he would exempt [Name] from several assignments and is willing to extend all deadlines as necessary.
English Teacher
- [Name] has demonstrated a lot of skill in thinking and she is not worried about them missing out on skill development during the All Quiet on the Western Front unit
- He also has strong grammar and she is not worried about them in that area a well.
- Ideally, he can have no academic requirements from English until after students return from ski week at the end of February. [Name] will have to read AQOTWF in June and send her an email about it to confirm their work.
- She has had other students with concussions and wants to support [Name] in not feeling anxiety about returning so quickly.
- He doesn't need to come to class for the next few weeks if he feels it would be better for their recovery. He is welcome to attend and she feels that the other students have been very understanding and supportive of [Name] as well.
History Teacher
- Could see [Name] struggled today.
- [Name] missed review of WWI last week. Next up is Russian Revolution.
- Supports may include audio recordings, sketch notes, etc... Very open to any approaches which could be helpful to them.
Counseling Office & Health and Wellness
- Discussed resources at Health and Wellness to support [Name] including availability at all times of rest area and food
- Discussed support options re: extending due dates, providing master versions of notes, alternatives ways of fulfilling assignments, exemptions/waivers of work, standardized testing accommodations for SAT and ACT, possible options for changing schedule.
- Agreed as a team that we should not be rushing [Name] back, better for them to heal as best as he can first.

Discussed IEP vs 504 options, home hospital care, accommodations vs. modifications and impact on A-G requirements, changes in schedule options including online course alternatives during summer for English and ???, demonstration of mastery by doing well on CS AP test
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