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Proposal Template


Project Name:

Domain / Circle:

Submitted by:

Start Date:

Estimated Completion Date:

Need Statement & Purpose: Identifies a problem or opportunity
Goals: Explains the Project’s intent to resolve the problem. Establish the aim of the project.
Milestones & Timeline: Set measurable markers of success and project timeline.
Personnel: Introduces the individuals who will be responsible for the Activities
Evaluation: Outlines procedures for measuring the project’s success in meeting it’s Objectives. Monthly updates in brief written reports shall be entered in Loomio beginning 30 days after approval.
Budget: Estimates the funding needed to complete the project as proposed. This includes needs for resources and human-power. If the project goes over budget, requests for approval must be submitted for approval prior to expenditure

* Enter the Circle Approving the budget and proposal below if it is not the Stewardship Council. Then delete this text and add your content.
*When entering Payment schedule and triggers option to replace the formatted content with a simple date and payment schedule if applicable.


Stewardship Council on behalf of Atlan LLC agree to “Proposal” titled ______________________________ submitted by “Proposer” _______________________.
This agreement, progress on the proposal, and any renegotiations shall be reviewed on the following dates: ____________________________________________________________.
The proposal shall be completed by the following date: _____________________________.
Payment schedule and triggers:
Initial payment to begin work: $________________________________
Progress payment #1 (if applicable): $________________________________
Dependant on completion or inspection of: _________________________________
Progress payment #2 (if applicable): $________________________________
Dependant on completion or inspection of: _________________________________
Final payment upon completion of all work: $________________________________
Deliverables & Timeline:
Any changes to this agreement are void unless a signed addendum is attached to this agreement.
I agree to this agreement:
Signature Of Atlan LLC Legal Member:
Signature Of Proposer:
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